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24 August 2008 - 10:47:16am

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This GEDCOM was created using Family Tree Maker for Windows Family Tree Maker ‎(‎ on 27 June 2010
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Earliest Birth YearRichards, Edward ‎(I00598)‎
Birth 1490 Lovelinch, Somerset, England
Latest Birth YearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest Death YearAdams, John ‎(I02742)‎
Birth 1500
Death 1543 ‎(Age 43)‎ England
Latest Death Year Fischer, Leo Patrick ‎(I00199)‎
Birth 17 March 1936 36 34 Sidney, Richland, Montana, USA
Death 20 July 2016 ‎(Age 80)‎ Age: 80 Miles City, Montana, USA
Person who lived the longest
Jensen, Christian ‎(I00962)‎
Birth between 1795 and 1824 Denmark
Death between 1849 and 1909 ‎(Age 54)‎
Average age at death
Family with the most children
Schoch, Anton
Berger, Isabella
Average number of children per family

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22 October 2017 - 8:25:00am
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On This Day ...
Wolf, Amy Amy22 October 197443Death 
Stroh, Jacob Karl Jacob Karl22 October 197047Death 
Hayes, Cathern Rose Cathern Rose22 October 1913104Birth 
Hayes, Roger William Roger William22 October 1912105Birth 
Schaff, Duane Edmund
Duane Edmund22 October 197146Marriage 
Williams, Richard Earl
Richard Earl22 October 192196Marriage 

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Sleight, Jack Willington Jack Willington23 October 199720Death 
Mosbrucker, Regina Regina23 October 1913104Birth 
Morrison, Unknown Unknown23 October 1873144Death 
Morrison, Unknown Unknown23 October 1873144Birth 
Buswell, Sarah Bosworth Sarah Bosworth23 October 1699318Birth 
Adams, Peter Peter23 October 1690327Death 
Rahrech, Eva Eva24 October 194869Death 
Abel, Henry Karl Ludwig Henry Karl Ludwig24 October 194275Death 
Stroh, Richard Richard24 October 192691Birth 
Schwindt, Magdalena Magdalena24 October 192295Death 
Fischer, Seigfried Frederick Seigfried Frederick24 October 1836181Birth 
Hirsch, John Jr.
John Jr.24 October 195958Marriage 
Hirsch, Roger Daniel Roger Daniel25 October 20152Death 
Wolf, Amy Amy25 October 197443Burial 
Weiler, Nickadmus Nickadmus25 October 195463Death 
Weiler, Catherine Catherine25 October 1907110Birth 
Mercer, Joseph III Joseph III25 October 1876141Birth 
Schwindt, Monica
img src="themes/simplyblue/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />25 October 195067Marriage 
Wolf, Jack
Jack25 October 194275Marriage 
Schwindt, Anton John Joe
Anton John Joe25 October 193879Marriage 
Mosbrucker, Madaline Madaline27 October 1911106Birth 
Thorson, Alfred Julian Alfred Julian27 October 1891126Birth 
Burnworth, Mary Ann Mary Ann27 October 1825192Birth 
Mercer, Joseph III
Slack, Ida Mae
Joseph III27 October 1898119Marriage 
Christiansen, Harry Peter Harry Peter28 October 1917100Birth 
Fischer, John Frank John Frank28 October 1899118Birth 
Alguire, Howard Eugene Howard Eugene28 October 1899118Birth 
Slatter, Paul George
Paul George28 October 194869Marriage 
Frank, Eleanore Eleanore29 October 199720Death 
Morrison, Walter Carl Walter Carl29 October 198433Death 
Frank, Karla Karla29 October 197839Death 
Sorensen, Maren Maren29 October 1892125Death 
Bonde, Thomas Petersen Thomas Petersen29 October 1883134Death 
Wood, Margaret Elizabeth Margaret Elizabeth29 October 1863154Birth 
Fischer, Cecelia Margaret Cecelia Margaret30 October 199324Death 
Moore, Ronnie
Ronnie30 October 197047Marriage 
Morrison, Kenneth Malcolm Kenneth Malcolm31 October 196552Death 
Unknown, Myrtle Irene Myrtle Irene31 October 196255Death 
Garecht, Joseph Joseph31 October 195958Death 
Boespflug, Elizabetha Elizabetha31 October 1854163Death 
Frison, Andrew
Williams, Elizabeth A.
Andrew31 October 194572Marriage 
Hirsch, Casper John Casper JohnNovember 198928Event 
Compeau, Almond AlmondNovember 196552Death 
Unknown, Anne M. Anne M.November 1874143Birth 
Neitzel, William Albert William Albert1 November 199324Death 
Pfoh, Magdalene Magdalene2 November 194077Death 
Hirsch, Casper John Casper John3 November 1917100Birth 
Reese, William Keith William Keith3 November 1913104Birth 
Braun, Frances Frances3 November 1898119Death 
Hirsch, Geniveve Geniveve3 November 1886131Birth 
Burnworth, John Gaddus John Gaddus3 November 1865152Death 
Burnworth, John Gaddus John Gaddus3 November 1856161Death 
Burnworth, Anna Maria Anna Maria3 November 1820197Birth 
Mosbrucker, Barbara Barbara4 November 195562Death 
Faiman, Joseph Joseph4 November 1895122Birth 
Weiler, George
George4 November 195364Marriage 
Williams, Leonard H. Leonard H.5 November 199918Death 
Stockie, Phillip J. Phillip J.5 November 196849Death 
Schwindt, John Leonard John Leonard5 November 192394Birth 
Weiler, Nickadmus Nickadmus5 November 1905112Birth 
Hirsch, Johannes Ivan
Phillips, Margareta
Johannes Ivan5 November 1902115Marriage 
Goetz, Arlan Joseph Arlan Joseph6 November 20089Death 
Schwindt, John M. John M.6 November 1903114Birth 
Huck, George George6 November 1858159Birth 
Mercer, Joseph Jr. Joseph Jr.6 November 1806211Birth 
Cleveland, Rebecca Rebecca6 November 1790227Birth 
Eanes, James Wilson James Wilson7 November 194275Death 
Gribnau, Theresa Theresa7 November 1888129Birth 
Fischer, Andrew
Marple, Anna Rocelia
Andrew7 November 193681Marriage 
Schwindt, Magdalene Magdalene8 November 198631Death 
Wolf, Joseph Joseph8 November 195463Death 
Wolf, Joseph Joseph8 November 195463Burial 
Morrison, Veryl Edwin Veryl Edwin8 November 1908109Birth 
Mueller, James Alan James Alan9 November 194374Birth 
Bartee, Jesse Willard Jesse Willard9 November 1914103Birth 
Neitzel, Eileen Dora Eileen Dora10 November 20134Death 
Schwindt, Anton John Joe Anton John Joe10 November 200314Death 
Neitzel, Walter Albert Walter Albert10 November 1897120Birth 
Mercer, Joseph Jr. Joseph Jr.10 November 1862155Death 
Rembowski, Leon Anton Leon Anton11 November 198136Death 
Wood, Margaret Elizabeth Margaret Elizabeth11 November 195364Death 
Parmelee, Clarence Morrison Clarence Morrison11 November 1903114Birth 
Kraft, Johanna Johanna11 November 1891126Birth 
Feller, Imelda Imelda12 November 1906111Birth 
Fischer, Emilia Emilia12 November 1889128Birth 
Adams, Edward Edward12 November 1716301Death 
Stockie, Regina Regina13 November 194671Death 
Hirsch, Johannes Ivan Johannes Ivan13 November 192394Naturalization 
Garecht, George George13 November 1888129Birth 
Heidt, Clementiina Clementiina13 November 1882135Birth 
Bovee, Sharine Sharine14 November 194275Birth 
Morrison, Ira Frances Ira Frances14 November 1886131Birth 
Mercer, Bessie Caroline Bessie Caroline14 November 1878139Birth 
Thorson, Peter John Peter John14 November 1868149Birth 
Williams, Clarence Roy
Amundson, Irene Margaret
Clarence Roy14 November 192988Marriage 
Lanz, Joseph
Braun, Frances
Joseph14 November 1894123Marriage 
Schwindt, Salome Eva Salome Eva15 November 192196Birth 
Marple, Anna Rocelia Anna Rocelia15 November 1905112Birth 
Fischer, Andrew Andrew16 November 197047Death 
Arnett, Darby Darby16 November 196255Birth 
Fischer, Leo Patrick
Leo Patrick16 November 196057Marriage 
Wolf, Thomas Edward Thomas Edward17 November 192493Birth 
Gribnau, Rosalie Elizabeth Rosalie Elizabeth18 November 198136Death 
Demulling, Peggy Lynn Peggy Lynn18 November 195067Death 
Fishcer, Michael Michael18 November 1906111Birth 
Morrison, Edith Catherine Edith Catherine18 November 1884133Death 
Morrison, Edith Catherine Edith Catherine18 November 1884133Birth 
Keller, Pauline Pauline19 November 197344Death 
Weiler, George George19 November 193384Death 
Eldringhoff, Donald
Donald19 November 194968Marriage 
Weiler, Joseph
Joseph19 November 193384Marriage 
Sinclair, Sandy Sandy20 November 199126Death 
Sinclair, Sandy Sandy20 November 199126Death 
Burnworth, Sarah Ann Sarah Ann20 November 1844173Death 
Burnworth, Sabina E Sabina E20 November 1844173Death 
Adams, Thomas Thomas20 November 1660357Death 
Schwindt, Jacob Andrew Jacob Andrew21 November 196948Death 
Fischer, Isabelle Mary Isabelle Mary21 November 1909108Birth 
Fleck, Killian Killian21 November 1871146Birth 

Total events: 119

More events exist for the next 30 days, but privacy restrictions prevent you from seeing them.