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24 August 2008 - 10:47:16am

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Earliest Birth YearRichards, Edward ‎(I00598)‎
Birth 1490 Lovelinch, Somerset, England
Latest Birth YearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest Death YearAdams, John ‎(I02742)‎
Birth 1500
Death 1543 ‎(Age 43)‎ England
Latest Death Year Frank, David Eugene ‎(I01214)‎
Birth 5 March 1946 39 34 Dickinson, Stark, North Dakota, USA
Death 11 August 2009 ‎(Age 63)‎ Sacramento, Sacramento, California, USA
Person who lived the longest
Jensen, Christian ‎(I00962)‎
Birth between 1795 and 1824 Denmark
Death between 1849 and 1909 ‎(Age 54)‎
Average age at death
Family with the most children
Schoch, Anton
Berger, Isabella
Average number of children per family

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Hirsch, John Jr. John Jr.25 July 20088Death 
Williams, George Washington George Washington25 July 193977Death 
Underberg, Hazel Emily Hazel Emily25 July 1903113Baptism 
Garecht, George
Quinlan, Angeline Mary
George25 July 192294Marriage 

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Peterson, Carol Fay Carol Fay26 July 199917Event 
Frison, Fransiska Fransiska26 July 199323Death 
Mercer, Andrew Faulkner Andrew Faulkner27 July 193581Death 
Weiler, Angeline Angeline27 July 193482Birth 
Zahn, Barbara Magdalena Barbara Magdalena28 July 197838Death 
Kunz, Barbara Barbara28 July 194076Death 
Maychrzak, Frank Frank28 July 1908108Birth 
Fischer, Casper Casper28 July 1898118Birth 
Adams, Jonathan Jonathan28 July 1690326Death 
Morrison, Orlando Orlando29 July 1913103Death 
Hirsch, John Jr. John Jr.30 July 20088Event 
Myran, Theresa Theresa30 July 199026Death 
Dahl, Stanley Charles Stanley Charles30 July 192294Birth 
Severance, Cleone Vivene Cleone Vivene30 July 1904112Birth 
Hirsch, John Jr. John Jr.31 July 20088Burial 
Stabe, Isabell Isabell31 July 198630Death 
Schwindt, William Joseph Marcus William Joseph Marcus31 July 197343Death 
Morrison, Margaret Caroline Margaret Caroline31 July 191997Death 
Morrison, Thyra Roberta Thyra Roberta31 July 191898Birth 
Morrison, James H. James H.31 July 1909107Death 
Unknown, Marie Mariebefore August 20088Death 
Paul, Joe Joebefore August 20088Death 
Williams, Bernice Clementine Bernice ClementineAugust 199917Death 
Weiler, Catherine CatherineAugust 199422Death 
Kilwein, Anton AntonAugust 198333Death 
Fischer, Pam PamAugust 196056Death 
Gribnau, Marian MarianAugust 192492Event 
Blair, Cora B Cora BAugust 1883133Birth 
Burgard, Katherine KatherineAugust 1863153Birth 
Berger, Mike Mike1 August 199323Death 
Mercer, Anna Elizabeth Anna Elizabeth1 August 197739Death 
Schell, Ludvina Ludvina1 August 193482Death 
Geiss, George Georgeabout 1 August 193383Death 
Gribnau, Perpetua Rachel Perpetua Rachel1 August 1902114Birth 
Fleck, Alfons Alfons1 August 1881135Birth 
Hart, Martha Ellen Martha Ellen1 August 1839177Birth 
Schwindt, William Joseph Marcus William Joseph Marcus2 August 197343Burial 
Hirsch, John Sr.
Hayes, Elizabeth Ellen
John Sr.2 August 192987Marriage 
Schoch, Veronica Veronica3 August 195957Death 
Schwindt, Paul Jacob Paul Jacob3 August 1913103Birth 
Fischer, Peter Andrew Peter Andrew3 August 1890126Birth 
Parmelee, Fredrick Alonza Fredrick Alonza3 August 1879137Birth 
Abel, Henry Karl Ludwig Henry Karl Ludwig3 August 1871145Birth 
Southworth, Alice Alice3 August 1590426Birth 
Christiansen, Tom Tom5 August 1883133Birth 
Eanes, James Wilson James Wilson5 August 1866150Birth 
Tippelt, Frank C. Frank C.6 August 197145Death 
Dobler, Matilda Matilda6 August 194472Death 
Schwindt, John Andreas John Andreas6 August 1899117Birth 
Schaff, Richard George
Richard George6 August 196650Marriage 
Wingate, Margaret Jane Margaret Jane7 August 200016Death 
Wolf, Margaret Viola Margaret Viola7 August 192789Birth 
Hart, Elias Emily Elias Emily7 August 1846170Birth 
Vickerman, Richard Reese Sr. Richard Reese Sr.8 August 192591Birth 
Stockie, Pius Pius8 August 1885131Birth 
Heidt, Rose Rose8 August 1859157Birth 
Garecht, Peter Valentine Peter Valentine9 August 192096Death 
Wolf, Mary Mary9 August 191898Birth 
Jorgensen, Harold Alvin
Harold Alvin9 August 195264Marriage 
Meyer, Frank Frank10 August 196947Death 
Morrison, Leander Leander10 August 1874142Birth 
Hart, John Gaddus John Gaddus10 August 1842174Birth 
Frank, David Eugene David Eugene11 August 20097Death 
Heiser, Stephen Stephen11 August 195561Death 
Schwindt, William Joseph Marcus William Joseph Marcus11 August 191898Birth 
Hirsch, Regine Regine11 August 1891125Birth 
Adams, Mary Mary11 August 1711305Death 
Adams, Jeremy Jeremy11 August 1683333Death 
Frank, Kasimir John Kasimir John12 August 199818Death 
Fischer, Joseph R Joseph R12 August 1908108Birth 
Kirby, John Daniel John Daniel12 August 1835181Birth 
Adams, Henry Henry12 August 1596420Death 
Frank, Kasimir John
Kasimir John12 August Marriage 
Mercer, Oral Jasper Oral Jasper13 August 1881135Birth 
‎(unknown)‎, ‎(unknown)‎
(unknown)13 August 196056Event 
Christiansen, Christian Christian14 August 195957Death 
Morrison, Arbutus Arbutus15 August 191997Birth 
Morrison, Abigail Abigail15 August 1888128Death 
Fischer, Dominic Dominic15 August 1860156Birth 
Pluma, Evangline Marie Evangline Marie16 August 196056Birth 
Hirsch, Geniveve Geniveve16 August 195561Death 
Callerman, Mary Jane Mary Jane16 August 193185Death 
Gribnau, Marian Marian16 August 192492Death 
Gribnau, Marian Marian16 August 192492Death 
Mosbrucker, Nicademos Nicademos17 August 1873143Birth 
Mosbrucker, Georg Georg17 August 1848168Birth 
Cleveland, Rebecca Rebecca17 August 1824192Death 
Parmelee, Bette Jean
img src="themes/simplyblue/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />17 August 195759Marriage 
Frison, Ludwig Ludwig18 August 196749Death 
Goetz, Anna Marie Anna Marie18 August 1910106Death 
Blake, Alice Alice18 August 1584432Death 
Williams, Bernice Clementine
img src="themes/simplyblue/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />18 August 193185Marriage 
Hirsch, Geniveve Geniveve19 August 195561Burial 
Mosbrucker, Josephine Josephine19 August 191799Birth 
Williams, Clara Mae Clara Mae21 August 199719Death 
Williams, Robert Leslie Robert Leslie21 August 197145Death 
Heiser, George N. George N.22 August 1913103Birth 
‎(unknown)‎, ‎(unknown)‎
img src="themes/simplyblue/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />22 August 198729Marriage 
Dries, William Joseph William Joseph23 August 195462Birth 
Garecht, Marie Eva Marie Eva23 August 193581Death 
Koffler, Lorraine Lorraine23 August 192987Birth 
Haley, Mary Jane Mary Jane23 August 1873143Birth 
Weiler, Kevin
Kevin23 August 197739Marriage 
Morrison, Dorothy Margaret
img src="themes/simplyblue/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />23 August 194373Marriage 
Mosbrucker, Roszzella
img src="themes/simplyblue/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />23 August 193878Marriage 
Wolf, Thomas Edward Thomas Edward24 August 197442Death 
Schoch, Anton Anton24 August 196155Death 
Hirsch, Elizabeth Elizabeth24 August 1899117Birth 
Wandler, Lyle
Lyle24 August 196056Marriage 

Total events: 109

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