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24 August 2008 - 10:47:16am

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This GEDCOM was created using Family Tree Maker for Windows Family Tree Maker ‎(‎ on 27 June 2010
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Earliest Birth YearRichards, Edward ‎(I00598)‎
Birth 1490 Lovelinch, Somerset, England
Latest Birth YearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest Death YearAdams, John ‎(I02742)‎
Birth 1500
Death 1543 ‎(Age 43)‎ England
Latest Death Year Frank, David Eugene ‎(I01214)‎
Birth 5 March 1946 39 34 Dickinson, Stark, North Dakota, USA
Death 11 August 2009 ‎(Age 63)‎ Sacramento, Sacramento, California, USA
Person who lived the longest
Jensen, Christian ‎(I00962)‎
Birth between 1795 and 1824 Denmark
Death between 1849 and 1909 ‎(Age 54)‎
Average age at death
Family with the most children
Schoch, Anton
Berger, Isabella
Average number of children per family

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On This Day ...
Schaff, Richard George Richard George24 April 200014Event 
Schaff, Richard George Richard George24 April 200014Burial 
Koffler, Lorraine Lorraine24 April 198232Death 
Mosbrucker, Georg Georg24 April 1911103Immigration 

Total events: 4

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Metz, Janice Janice25 April 197935Death 
Peterson, Nicoli Waldamore Nicoli Waldamore25 April 196450Burial 
Schwindt, Anton John Anton John25 April 1874140Birth 
Klein, Elizabeth Barbara Elizabeth Barbara25 April 1851163Birth 
Shear, Robert
Robert25 April 194767Marriage 
‎(unknown)‎, ‎(unknown)‎
‎(unknown)‎, ‎(unknown)‎
(unknown)25 April 194767Marriage 
Boucher, Hazel Stella Hazel Stella26 April 200410Death 
Arnett, Virgil Gene Virgil Gene26 April 199420Death 
Schaff, Frank Frank26 April 198727Death 
Fischer, Casper Casper26 April 196648Death 
Florence, Harriet Mae Harriet Mae26 April 1880134Birth 
Jorgensen, Elsie Viola Elsie Viola27 April 199123Death 
Hirsch, Michael Michael27 April 193678Death 
Hirsch, Michael Michael27 April 193678Birth 
Hardt, Esther Ruth Esther Ruth27 April 191698Birth 
Schwindt, Jacob Andrew
Klein, Rose
Jacob Andrew27 April 192292Marriage 
Klein, Paul Paul28 April 196153Death 
Weiler, Eva Eva28 April 193579Birth 
Morrison, Orlando Orlando28 April 1870144Birth 
‎(unknown)‎, ‎(unknown)‎
‎(unknown)‎, ‎(unknown)‎
(unknown)28 April 196252Marriage 
Jorgensen, Harold Alvin Harold Alvin29 April 20059Event 
Jorgensen, Harold Alvin Harold Alvin29 April 20059Burial 
Schaff, Frank Frank29 April 198727Burial 
Schoch, Anton Anton29 April 1902112Immigration 
Adams, Pelatiah Pelatiah29 April 1725289Death 
Severance, Cleone Vivene Cleone Vivene30 April 197737Death 
Hirsch, Michael James Michael James30 April 197341Birth 
Hirsch, Margaretha Margaretha30 April 196153Death 
Morrison, Irvin Eldrich Irvin Eldrich30 April 195064Death 
Slatter, Paul George Paul George30 April 192094Birth 
Callerman, John Martin John Martin30 April 1866148Birth 
Hirsch, James Michael James MichaelMay 20086Event 
Hirsch, James Michael James Michael26 May 20086Event 
Schaff, Duane Edmund Duane EdmundMay 199915Event 
Schaff, Duane Edmund Duane Edmund12 May 199915Event 
Soriede, John JohnMay 199717Event 
Neitzel, Walter Albert Walter AlbertMay 198628Death 
Faiman, Anton AntonMay 198529Death 
Gronlund, Romaine Goldie Romaine GoldieMay 197836Event 
Kilwein, George GeorgeMay 197440Death 
Schwindt, Anton John Anton JohnMay 1903111Emigration 
Gronlund, Toyer ToyerMay 1875139Birth 
Froehlich, Jacob JacobMay 1832182Birth 
Hirsch, Michael James Michael James1 May 197341Death 
Heidt, Clementiina Clementiina1 May 196153Death 
Todd, Ella Jane Ella Jane1 May 195163Death 
Fischer, Joseph John Joseph John1 May 192688Birth 
Huck, Christian Christian1 May 1873141Birth 
Compeau, George Louis George Louis1 May 1856158Birth 
Gronlund, Romaine Goldie Romaine Goldie2 May 197836Death 
Dahl, Stanley Charles Stanley Charles2 May 197836Death 
Morrison, Charles Clayton Charles Clayton2 May 1901113Birth 
Burnworth, Emily Emily2 May 1893121Death 
Heick, Regina Regina3 May 198925Death 
Gribnau, Katherine Barbara Katherine Barbara3 May 197638Death 
Fischer, Mary Madeline Mary Madeline3 May 193579Death 
Fischer, Joseph John
Joseph John3 May 198628Marriage 
Morrison, Mary Matilda Mary Matilda4 May 194965Death 
Schwindt, Mathias Mathias4 May 1905109Birth 
Burnworth, Emily Emily4 May 1837177Birth 
Heick, Regina Regina5 May 198925Burial 
Oster, Jack Jack5 May 192886Birth 
Rattei, Jacob Edwin Jacob Edwin5 May 192094Birth 
Dahl, Gust O Gust O5 May 1884130Immigration 
Hirsch, Theresia Theresia5 May 1876138Birth 
Gronlund, Romaine Goldie Romaine Goldie6 May 197836Burial 
Mercer, James Robert James Robert6 May 196153Death 
Wock, Barbara Barbara6 May 1906108Birth 
Hardt, Esther Ruth Esther Ruth7 May 20059Death 
Hirsch, Margaretha Margaretha7 May 196153Burial 
Mosbrucker, Christian Christian7 May 195262Death 
Eager, Abigail Ann Abigail Ann7 May 192787Death 
Kirby, Molly Molly7 May 1872142Birth 
Gribnau, John John7 May 1857157Birth 
Morrison, James H. James H.7 May 1836178Birth 
Burnworth, Eliza Ann Eliza Ann7 May 1826188Birth 
Schaff, Duane Edmund Duane Edmund8 May 199915Death 
Koffler, Valentine Valentine8 May 1910104Birth 
Klein, Jacob Jacob8 May 1894120Birth 
Faiman, Mary Mary8 May 1886128Birth 
Faiman, Frank Frank8 May 1886128Birth 
Goetz, Anna Marie Anna Marie8 May 1841173Birth 
Raymond, Anne Anne8 May 1705309Death 
Alguire, Howard Eugene Howard Eugene9 May 199519Death 
Dean, Stephan Stephan9 May 1873141Death 
Sleight, Stephen H Stephen H9 May 1862152Military Service 
Kidder, Athelia Ellen Athelia Ellen9 May 1857157Birth 
Bradford, Hannah Hannah9 May 1663351Birth 
Bradford, William William9 May 1657357Death 
Bradford, Mercy Mercy9 May 1657357Death 
Hirsch, Casper John
Gronlund, Romaine Goldie
Casper John9 May 193777Marriage 
Thorson, Peter John Peter John10 May 195460Death 
Slack, Ida Mae Ida Mae10 May 1877137Birth 
Jensen, Jacob Jacob10 May 1805209Birth 
Kroetch, John
Williams, Olive
John10 May 195163Marriage 
Weiler, Frank Frank11 May 197935Death 
Fischer, Andreas Andreas11 May 192490Death 
Myran, Otto Hilmar Otto Hilmar11 May 1896118Birth 
Schaff, Duane Edmund Duane Edmund12 May 199915Event 
Faiman, John John12 May 1901113Birth 
Fleck, Elfeguis Elfeguis12 May 1869145Birth 
Raymond, Anne Anne12 May 1664350Birth 
Gribnau, William Philip William Philip13 May 1892122Birth 
Weiler, Frank Frank14 May 197935Event 
Weiler, Frank Frank14 May 197935Burial 
Rickett, Susan Beth Susan Beth14 May 196846Death 
Jensen, Ane Marie Ane Marie14 May 1837177Birth 
Hayes, Elizabeth Ellen Elizabeth Ellen15 May 199816Death 
Stockie, Anna Anna15 May 194272Death 
Morrison, Joseph Augusta Joseph Augusta15 May 1889125Birth 
Neitzel, Arthur E Arthur E15 May 1888126Birth 
Rattei, Jacob Edwin
Jacob Edwin15 May 200311Marriage 
Arnett, Virgil Gene
Virgil Gene15 May 195460Marriage 
Schwindt, Beverly May
img src="themes/simplyblue/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />15 May 195460Marriage 
Schwindt, Beverly May Beverly May16 May 193381Birth 
Abel, Calvin John Philip Calvin John Philip16 May 192490Birth 
Kilwein, John
John16 May 194272Marriage 
Morrison, Eva Elizabeth
img src="themes/simplyblue/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />16 May 191896Marriage 
Moersfelder, Clara Maria Magdalena Clara Maria Magdalena17 May 197044Death 
Schoch, Cyriak Cyriak17 May 192094Death 
Hormann, August August17 May 1887127Immigration 
Mulske, Dennis Dennis17 May Birth 
Fischer, Eva
img src="themes/simplyblue/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />17 May 192688Marriage 
Christiansen, Tom Tom18 May 195955Death 
Parmelee, Bette Jean Bette Jean18 May 193678Birth 
Bonde, Thomas Petersen Thomas Petersen18 May 1819195Birth 
Fischer, Josef
Kraft, Johanna
Josef18 May 1909105Marriage 
Underberg, Hazel Emily Hazel Emily19 May 191698Confirmation 
Neitzel, Alfred F Alfred F19 May 1893121Birth 
Klein, Elizabeth Barbara Elizabeth Barbara20 May 192886Death 
Hirsch, James Michael James Michael21 May 20086Death 
Hirsch, Raphael Raphael21 May 198034Death 
Hirsch, Cheryl Lynn Cheryl Lynn21 May 196945Birth 
Fischer, Frances Agnes Frances Agnes21 May 1905109Birth 
Gribnau, Cecelia Estelle Cecelia Estelle21 May 1895119Birth 
Unknown, Peyton Peyton22 May 20077Death 
Bradford, Mercy Mercy22 May 1627387Birth 
Schwindt, Albert Albert23 May 198331Death 
Kilwein, John John23 May 197341Death 
Cleveland, Eleazer Eleazer23 May 1787227Death 
Hanson, Alice Alice23 May 1597417Death 
Beckfish, Amy
img src="themes/simplyblue/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />23 May 198034Marriage 
Hirsch, Raphael Raphael24 May 198034Burial 
Hirsch, Raphael Raphael24 May 198034Burial 
Haley, Margaret Margaret24 May 1887127Birth 

Total events: 145

More events exist for the next 30 days, but privacy restrictions prevent you from seeing them.